The creative project 89/70/4447+= 9 →1 0

19th October - 19th December 2017

           The project in honour of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej entitled 89/70/4447+= 9 →1 0 features a collection of 109 tribute pieces by Emeritus Professor Preecha Thaothong. The exhibition showcases teachings of dharma, nature, religious art and 23 ways in which His Majesty’s work is remembered that summarize His Majesty’s visionary wisdom and immeasurable royal grace.

          The exhibition features 4 series of timeline starting from his accession to the throne, his travels to the remote corners of his Kingdom, his wisdom in development projects to better the lives of his people, and his results which lead to more than 4,000 sustainable development projects.  These pieces of religious art will lead to the recognition of His Majesty goodness, beauty, and truth towards his land and his people in the Kingdom of Thailand throughout his life that will inscribe eternally into the hearts of the Thai people.



Voice of my soul

Organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Thailand

 2 – 16 November 2017

              The Ukrainian living legend artist Mr. Ivan Marchuk’s “Voice of My Soul” is exhibiting for the first time in Thailand to celebrate the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Thailand.

          Ivan Marchuk is notable as the genius of modern art.  He is the only Ukrainian artist recognized by International Academy of Modern Art in Rome as the member of the “Golden Guild”. In 2007 Mr Marchuk was named as one among top 100 world geniuses of our time by the London-based Daily Telegraph, for his masterpiece multidimensional paintings of the Universe and being ahead of time.

          Organized by the Embassy of Ukrain in Thailand, the exhibition showcases 60 prominent works including colorful and monochrome works in his original technique “pliontanizm”, a term translated from an Ukrainian word “pliontaty”- means; to weave, to knit, to express the balance between the man-made and technological limits through the art form.